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Halloween Pumpkins That Outlast Carved Jack-O-Lanterns By Months

"The Astonishing Halloween Secret Of Why Cars Filled With Happy Children Parade Past One Family's Home Every October!"

Every year, my daughter's class would take a field trip to the Pumpkin Farm and every year I would oogle and google over the charming and whimsical painted pumpkins that were on display. "Pumpkin Painting. How cool," I thought.

Then I looked at the high price tags and decided that those charming and whimsical little guys could stay right were they were, at the pumpkin farm. I couldn't believe that something that wouldn't last through Christmas could cost so much.

I thought many times about attempting to paint them myself, but for some reason, those little orange squashes intimidated the heck out of me. Finally, I gave it a try. I began to experiment with different paints, different processes, different types of pumpkins, different designs.

Our pumpkin painting mini-masterpieces turned out so well, that now they are our family's trademark for the Halloween season. Our house is the envy of the entire neighborhood. Families make special trips just to drive by to see the Painted Pumpkins! And every year, neighbors comment on how beautiful our home looks during the season.

So many people ask me how I do it. The results, you'll find in this short but mighty Guide that I affectionately call...

Pumpkin Painting, Anyone Can Do It. Really!

Pumpkin Painting - Anyone Can Do It, Really!

If you are looking for some great Halloween crafts for the family to do together, I suggest you get a copy of a nifty little pumpkin painting ebook. It is called, Pumpkin Painting, Anyone Can Do It, Really! We discovered the book a few Septembers back when looking for some pumpkins for the grandchildren to carve for jack-o-lanterns.

At the local pumpkin patch there were several painted pumpkins on display, all with either a cute or scary face begging us to buy them. The problem was the price was out of sight! That was the scariest part! I did some research, trying to find what kind of paint I needed, some different faces and designs to paint, along with the best sized pumpkins to get my desired effects.

The local library had very little material on the topic, but the good old internet finally came up with a great little ebook, Pumpkin Painting, Anyone Can Do It, Really. I think it cost somewhere around $25, about half of what the pumpkin patch wanted for their finished project. I bought a copy, read it quickly for a list of suggested paints, and was off to the hobby store. Within a couple of hours I had two finished pumpkins and a third in the works. It really is that easy!

Ever since that first experience with pumpkin, it has become kind of a family tradition in the fall. We gather up the grand kids, head off to the local pumpkin patch, and let them each choose a few pumpkins to paint and decorate. One thing we have discovered is this. A painted pumpkin will outlast a carved one by months, so we usually repaint them for Thanksgiving decorations. This really has become a great halloween craft for the family to do and enjoy together. Find yourself a copy of, Pumpkin Painting, Anyone Can Do It, Really, and start a family tradition in your home, too.

To learn more about this great little ebook, click []HERE. Holiday pumpkin painting is great fun for the entire family. Give it a try!

Get everything you need, except the pumpkin! Get a copy of, Pumpkin Painting, Anyone Can Do It, Really, today. []Learn How Here!

Easy Pumpkin Painting and Design

Halloween is almost here and around where I live there are piles of pumpkins sitting on the front laws of farmers houses with signs indicating to leave a few dollars for each pumpkin. This always seems to be the start of the Halloween season and with that means easy pumpkin painting.

Below are a few ways to help you create an exciting Halloween experience this year for yourselves and your families by learning how to do some fast and easy pumpkin painting.

First of all, you will want to find some pumpkins that have a somewhat flat surface on one side of the pumpkin. This just makes it easier for younger kids to paint the pumpkins, it's not actually necessary for pumpkin painting.

After that, go to your local craft store and look for an acrylic paint. This is the easiest to use for pumpkin painting and often you can find acrylic paints in larger bottles, which means enough to go around for everyone. In addition, these are usually easy paints for kids to use and come in a wide variety of colors in case you or your kids want to get crazy with their pumpkin painting.

Next, you will want to think about what it is that you want to create. Be sure to include the kids in the step of the easy pumpkin painting process. Do you want something scary?-possibly something funny? There are many pumpkin painting designs on the internet and you and your kids can get some great ideas by looking around the net for a few minutes.

Some personal favorites are creating pumpkins to look like celebrities. This isn't exactly pumpkin painting, but it goes over well each year as the pumpkins sit in all their celebrity glory on my front porch. For instance, I had a goofy looking George W, on one side of my porch, while on the other I had a Bill Clinton pumpkin. I put wigs on the pumpkins and painted some distinguishing features and added a tie to each for good measure. The kids didn't quite get who they were, but the parents thought it was great!

Easy pumpkin painting doesn't just have to be about painting the pumpkins either, as in the case above. Think about your pumpkins as Mr. Potato Heads and you are instantly drawn back to a younger time and may have some great ideas to use. For instance, take two pieces of corn and stick nails into them. Next drive them into the pumpkin on either side and when people ask you why you have corn stuck to the sides of your pumpkin, tell them that they are not corn- they are the pumpkins ears.

There are as many ways to paint your pumpkin and dress it up as you can come up with. Have fun this Halloween.

If you want free pumpkin painting designs, templates, Halloween recipes for you and the kids, and a many free pumpkin painting ideas, go to and click on the links to get a variety of free Halloween products.

Halloween Secrets And Pumpkin Painting

Do you love Halloween? I know many people do and what would Halloween be without pumpkins? It wouldn't be the same. This article explains a little about creating quality memories with the family and painting pumpkins. These Halloween secrets are not the most amazing but it's just the little common sense Halloween pumpkin painting secrets that you just might need.

First, part of the whole enjoyment of carving and painting pumpkins is that you take the whole family out for a good time. This would be a great way to make a new family tradition. Take the entire family out to the pumpkins and let everyone pick out their own. This will add to the enjoyment and help in creating bonds between family members. Like I said, these aren't the most amazing Halloween secrets out there but some people really don't think of these things.

Now while out looking for the pumpkins that you want to carve or paint you will want to try to seek out the pumpkins that have at least one side that is a little more flat than round. These pumpkins are out there, and usually it doesn't take too much to find them. This is the first tip to Halloween pumpkin painting secrets and Halloween secrets.

Okay, so now you're home with your pumpkins and the kids are in their play clothes, it's time to start painting those pumpkins.

The secret to great pumpkin painting is getting the right type of paints. Most craft stores will have a simple paint that will get the job done. Acrylic paint might work well here. Be sure not to try to use watercolor or oil paints when painting your pumpkins as they will not so through and they can get expensive here. Another Halloween secret is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun with the family and paint pumpkins.

Get crazy with the way you paint your pumpkins. There are many ways and designs available for that Halloween secret pumpkin painting that you want to do.

Don't forget that you can dress up your pumpkins as well. Halloween secret rule of thumb- don't be caught up with what's been done before. Get creative and think outside of the box, that's usually when the best ideas come up.

You might want to look online for a few ideas of what to paint your pumpkins and how to dress them up. It would be a great place to start to jumpstart the thought process and the kids might see something they really like! There are many sites with Halloween secrets and pumpkin painting schemes on the internet.

You can receive a free Halloween face painting guide, a Halloween Fun E-book, Free Halloween games and recipes, free holiday cookbook, and a kids friendly recipes cookbook to have even more fun with the family. Go to and look for Halloween secrets

Holiday Pumpkin Painting

This fall you can decorate your front porch and become the envy of the neighborhood! With just a little patience and a little practice you can learn how to paint a pumpkin that will stand out among the normal carved jack-o-lanterns! Holiday pumpkin painting can be more than a halloween idea. Since there is no need to carve out the pumpkin, it can be repainted for a Thanksgiving theme and make a nice addition to all of your holiday crafts.

Halloween pumpkins have long been a favorite for young and old alike. I remember spending hour after hour, scooping seeds and pulp from the pumpkin and then carefully carving scary facial features on my planned masterpiece. The problem was, I always seemed to slip up and ruin the whole pumpkin! The result was a big mess and no jack-o-lantern.

When our grandchildren were around 3 years old we made a trip to a local pumpkin patch looking for some new halloween ideas. We found just what we wanted in a display of bright and fancy painted pumpkins! Faces of every imaginable contortion were there and the pumpkins were still intact! No carving! No mess! We looked at the price tags and guess what? No way! I could not believe what they were asking for even the smallest gourds that had been painted in an autumn decor. I jokingly told my wife I had missed my calling. I should have been a pumpkin painter!

Much to my horror she took me at my word and hustled off to some hardware store and brought home some paint and some brushes and a couple of pumpkins and said, "Get started!" I first went to the library and was disappointed to find that there is very little information or instruction on the topic of pumpkin painting.

I went online and found one little ebook that not only was full of patterns and ideas, it had full instructions of exactly what type of paint to use. After reading through the little book I had my first li'l punkin complete in about an hour. Once I had enough to make a nice display on the front porch I proudly retired to my recliner for a little relaxing tv. Within 30 minutes the front doorbell was ringing with strangers who had driven by the house, noticed the painted pumpkins and were asking how much I would charge to paint them a couple of the little darlings.

My holiday pumpkin painting has become a very profitable hobby for me. From mid September through late November the requests are hard to keep up with. Maybe I was wrong. I don't think I missed my calling at all!

Want to learn how to paint a pumpkin? Why not be the envy of your neighborhood with some great holiday artwork for decorations? Check out []Holiday Pumpkin Painting and get started today!

5 Best Reasons to Paint a Halloween Pumpkin Instead of Carving This Halloween

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, you'll notice many of your neighbors decorating their front porch and home exterior with scary spiderwebs, scarecrows, skeletons and just about anything and everything spooky.

Along with all those new-fangled state of the art and traditional Halloween decorations (like lights, ghosts & goblins), no front porch Halloween decoration display would ever be totally complete without the traditional American Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins. But are there all that many folks who truly enjoy the whole messy pumpkin carving experience?

This Autumn, why not try to paint a Halloween pumpkin for your Jack-O-Lantern display? You'll likely be surprised that once you try painting a pumpkin, you'll probably never go back to carving your pumpkins again.

Now presenting, my top 5 reasons why you should skip pumpkin carving and learn how to paint a Halloween pumpkin this year instead...

1) Pumpkin Painting is really easy to learn

Just about anyone can quickly learn how to expertly paint amazingly impressive pumpkin designs without much work involved at all. Even young children will enjoy and have fun painting their own personal pumpkins and will feel a real sense of pride when you proudly display their little pumpkin creations on your front porch right along with your expert painted pumpkins. Plus, pumpkin painting doesn't limit you to what you can create. Many times, carving can make it very difficult to create more than just a basic outline design.

2) Pumpkin Painting is Safe with no knives or sharp cutting tools

Who likes dealing with sharp knives, saws and other pumpkin carving tools? Probably nobody. Plus, knives are dangerous (especially with younger ones) and give you very little control over the more intricate pumpkin design patterns you may want to create. There's just only so much design freedom when you're using a big, sharp blade to cut through almost an inch thick of pumpkin flesh. Pumpkin painting is safer and easier and allows even you're littlest Halloween enthusiast to participate in the pumpkin painting fun.

3) Less mess. No pumpkin guts splattered everywhere

I absolutely hate the whole pumpkin guts mess thing. Once you finally work your way through sawing the top off your gourd, then it's a sloppy, slimy chore of scraping and pulling all the pumpkin slop and goo out. It takes alot of time and always makes a big mess no matter how careful you are. Add kids to the mix and you're scrubbing your table, walls and floors for weeks not to mention picking up pumpkin seeds until Christmas.

4) Your painted pumpkins will outlast a carved pumpkin by many weeks

While carved Jack-o-Lanterns can sometimes get saggy, mushy, stinky and rotten in a couple weeks if the weather's warm, a painted pumpkin design can and will last a month or even two! You can enjoy your pumpkin painting masterpieces right up through Thanksgiving. And when you paint your pumpkins, you can even paint new pumpkins FOR the Thanksgiving holiday. No so with carving. A carved pumpkin on your Thanksgiving dinner table just wouldn't look right.

5) Pumpkin Painting is really fun, for anyone of any age.

Everyone in your family can have fun painting pumpkins this Halloween. It's a great family activity everyone can enjoy. Mom's, Dad's and kids of all ages can participate in the pumpkin painting fun. And little ones can really enjoy getting creative and expressing themselves in designing their little pumpkin masterpieces.

Go ahead and give it a shot. Skip the pumpkin carving this Fall and instead, paint a Halloween pumpkin this year. I guarantee you'll have a ton of fun, you and your kids will really enjoy the experience, and you'll create some awesome pumpkin painting designs so that you'll probably never want to go back to carving your Jack-O-Lanterns again!

Painting pumpkins is a unique alternative to the old time tradition of pumpkin carving. Pumpkin painting patterns and designs are unlimited and painted pumpkins will endure significantly longer than carved Jack-O-Lantern. While these benefits by themselves are perfect reasons to try painting your Halloween pumpkins this year, there are other benefits too. Become a pumpkin painting expert at:

===> []Easy Pumpkin Painting Decorating

Paint a Halloween Pumpkin

This year, why not paint a Halloween pumpkin? A painted pumpkin will outlast a carved jack-o-lantern by months and can even be repainted for use as a Thanksgiving decoration. With a little imagination, painting pumpkin faces will become a real family treat.

My wife and I stumbled upon these pumpkin painting ideas quite by accident. A couple of years ago we had the grand kids here in late September. On a whim, we decided to visit a local pumpkin patch and let them pick out a couple of pumpkins to carve for Halloween. The patch had a little stand set up with various fruits and vegetables for sale, along with a nice supply of jams, jellies and preserves. I think that is the main reason my wife wanted to go there! Displayed prominently along the back wall of the fruit stand were several of the cutest painted pumpkins we had ever seen. I told my wife we had better price a couple of them on the way out.

After picking out a few nice sized carving pumpkins we headed back to the stand and were knocked off our feet when the clerk told us the prices for the painted pumpkins. There was nothing less than $40! Most were $50 and up!

That got my creative juices flowing. Our smallest granddaughter had fallen in love with one of the painted faces and I just would not let her down. As soon as we got home I went straight to the internet and was surprised to find relatively few listings for pumpkin painting.

Next was a trip to the library with the same miserable results. I knew there had to be a source for pumpkin painting patterns and ideas, but where was it hidden. Back on the internet I finally stumbled a cross one neat little ebook that included a list of all the necessary paints and patterns I would need. I bought it and had it downloaded and printed within a few minutes. A quick trip to the hardware store for supplies was followed by about an hour of intense artistic endeavor.

You should have seen the look on my grand kid's faces when I came out of the garage with my first masterpiece! What would have cost over $50 at the pumpkin patch I had slapped together for less than $15. The best part is that I had plenty of paint left over for more pumpkins.

These painted goblins have become quite popular in our neighborhood. Each year, as soon as I begin putting them out for decorations, my phone and doorbell start ringing with requests. It has really become a very profitable hobby.

You do not have to be an expert artist to create some creative spooks and goblins. A little paint and some simple instruction is all you need to paint a Halloween pumpkin.

This year you can be the talk of the town if you learn how to []Paint A Halloween Pumpkin. It is EASY and FUN for the entire family. Check out the guide to []Pumpkin Painting now!