Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Pumpkins That Outlast Carved Jack-O-Lanterns By Months

"The Astonishing Halloween Secret Of Why Cars Filled With Happy Children Parade Past One Family's Home Every October!"

Every year, my daughter's class would take a field trip to the Pumpkin Farm and every year I would oogle and google over the charming and whimsical painted pumpkins that were on display. "Pumpkin Painting. How cool," I thought.

Then I looked at the high price tags and decided that those charming and whimsical little guys could stay right were they were, at the pumpkin farm. I couldn't believe that something that wouldn't last through Christmas could cost so much.

I thought many times about attempting to paint them myself, but for some reason, those little orange squashes intimidated the heck out of me. Finally, I gave it a try. I began to experiment with different paints, different processes, different types of pumpkins, different designs.

Our pumpkin painting mini-masterpieces turned out so well, that now they are our family's trademark for the Halloween season. Our house is the envy of the entire neighborhood. Families make special trips just to drive by to see the Painted Pumpkins! And every year, neighbors comment on how beautiful our home looks during the season.

So many people ask me how I do it. The results, you'll find in this short but mighty Guide that I affectionately call...

Pumpkin Painting, Anyone Can Do It. Really!

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