Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Painting - Anyone Can Do It, Really!

If you are looking for some great Halloween crafts for the family to do together, I suggest you get a copy of a nifty little pumpkin painting ebook. It is called, Pumpkin Painting, Anyone Can Do It, Really! We discovered the book a few Septembers back when looking for some pumpkins for the grandchildren to carve for jack-o-lanterns.

At the local pumpkin patch there were several painted pumpkins on display, all with either a cute or scary face begging us to buy them. The problem was the price was out of sight! That was the scariest part! I did some research, trying to find what kind of paint I needed, some different faces and designs to paint, along with the best sized pumpkins to get my desired effects.

The local library had very little material on the topic, but the good old internet finally came up with a great little ebook, Pumpkin Painting, Anyone Can Do It, Really. I think it cost somewhere around $25, about half of what the pumpkin patch wanted for their finished project. I bought a copy, read it quickly for a list of suggested paints, and was off to the hobby store. Within a couple of hours I had two finished pumpkins and a third in the works. It really is that easy!

Ever since that first experience with pumpkin, it has become kind of a family tradition in the fall. We gather up the grand kids, head off to the local pumpkin patch, and let them each choose a few pumpkins to paint and decorate. One thing we have discovered is this. A painted pumpkin will outlast a carved one by months, so we usually repaint them for Thanksgiving decorations. This really has become a great halloween craft for the family to do and enjoy together. Find yourself a copy of, Pumpkin Painting, Anyone Can Do It, Really, and start a family tradition in your home, too.

To learn more about this great little ebook, click []HERE. Holiday pumpkin painting is great fun for the entire family. Give it a try!

Get everything you need, except the pumpkin! Get a copy of, Pumpkin Painting, Anyone Can Do It, Really, today. []Learn How Here!

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