Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holiday Pumpkin Painting

This fall you can decorate your front porch and become the envy of the neighborhood! With just a little patience and a little practice you can learn how to paint a pumpkin that will stand out among the normal carved jack-o-lanterns! Holiday pumpkin painting can be more than a halloween idea. Since there is no need to carve out the pumpkin, it can be repainted for a Thanksgiving theme and make a nice addition to all of your holiday crafts.

Halloween pumpkins have long been a favorite for young and old alike. I remember spending hour after hour, scooping seeds and pulp from the pumpkin and then carefully carving scary facial features on my planned masterpiece. The problem was, I always seemed to slip up and ruin the whole pumpkin! The result was a big mess and no jack-o-lantern.

When our grandchildren were around 3 years old we made a trip to a local pumpkin patch looking for some new halloween ideas. We found just what we wanted in a display of bright and fancy painted pumpkins! Faces of every imaginable contortion were there and the pumpkins were still intact! No carving! No mess! We looked at the price tags and guess what? No way! I could not believe what they were asking for even the smallest gourds that had been painted in an autumn decor. I jokingly told my wife I had missed my calling. I should have been a pumpkin painter!

Much to my horror she took me at my word and hustled off to some hardware store and brought home some paint and some brushes and a couple of pumpkins and said, "Get started!" I first went to the library and was disappointed to find that there is very little information or instruction on the topic of pumpkin painting.

I went online and found one little ebook that not only was full of patterns and ideas, it had full instructions of exactly what type of paint to use. After reading through the little book I had my first li'l punkin complete in about an hour. Once I had enough to make a nice display on the front porch I proudly retired to my recliner for a little relaxing tv. Within 30 minutes the front doorbell was ringing with strangers who had driven by the house, noticed the painted pumpkins and were asking how much I would charge to paint them a couple of the little darlings.

My holiday pumpkin painting has become a very profitable hobby for me. From mid September through late November the requests are hard to keep up with. Maybe I was wrong. I don't think I missed my calling at all!

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