Thursday, October 30, 2008

Easy Pumpkin Painting and Design

Halloween is almost here and around where I live there are piles of pumpkins sitting on the front laws of farmers houses with signs indicating to leave a few dollars for each pumpkin. This always seems to be the start of the Halloween season and with that means easy pumpkin painting.

Below are a few ways to help you create an exciting Halloween experience this year for yourselves and your families by learning how to do some fast and easy pumpkin painting.

First of all, you will want to find some pumpkins that have a somewhat flat surface on one side of the pumpkin. This just makes it easier for younger kids to paint the pumpkins, it's not actually necessary for pumpkin painting.

After that, go to your local craft store and look for an acrylic paint. This is the easiest to use for pumpkin painting and often you can find acrylic paints in larger bottles, which means enough to go around for everyone. In addition, these are usually easy paints for kids to use and come in a wide variety of colors in case you or your kids want to get crazy with their pumpkin painting.

Next, you will want to think about what it is that you want to create. Be sure to include the kids in the step of the easy pumpkin painting process. Do you want something scary?-possibly something funny? There are many pumpkin painting designs on the internet and you and your kids can get some great ideas by looking around the net for a few minutes.

Some personal favorites are creating pumpkins to look like celebrities. This isn't exactly pumpkin painting, but it goes over well each year as the pumpkins sit in all their celebrity glory on my front porch. For instance, I had a goofy looking George W, on one side of my porch, while on the other I had a Bill Clinton pumpkin. I put wigs on the pumpkins and painted some distinguishing features and added a tie to each for good measure. The kids didn't quite get who they were, but the parents thought it was great!

Easy pumpkin painting doesn't just have to be about painting the pumpkins either, as in the case above. Think about your pumpkins as Mr. Potato Heads and you are instantly drawn back to a younger time and may have some great ideas to use. For instance, take two pieces of corn and stick nails into them. Next drive them into the pumpkin on either side and when people ask you why you have corn stuck to the sides of your pumpkin, tell them that they are not corn- they are the pumpkins ears.

There are as many ways to paint your pumpkin and dress it up as you can come up with. Have fun this Halloween.

If you want free pumpkin painting designs, templates, Halloween recipes for you and the kids, and a many free pumpkin painting ideas, go to and click on the links to get a variety of free Halloween products.

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